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Could the long wait be over? On Monday evening I set off to Brox's to crash for the night before flying down to Newquay the following morning, for a couple of days at 'zance to view some properties. At the same time we have a couple coming for a second look at our house which is promising in itself. Maybe the timing of this trip was inspired..only time will tell. Either way I shall take the wettie with me on the off chance of taking up the offer of a loan of Gav's board while I'm there. [Trusting fool - bearing in mind the anniversary almost of breaking someone else's at the Longboard Clinic last year!]

Before that though, is the prospect of a surf tomorrow with the promise of some more east coast waves. Sounds as if there may have been something today too, though I was otherwise occupied. To be truthful, with the build up of anticipation now very high, I could do with a surf to release some of that energy. Will let you know...