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Despite missing what could have been the best of it, I made the call to go for a surf at Sandilands around lunchtime; knowing that this would take in the high tide period. Naips had texted to say he was going over too, and also rang later as I was making my way over to report a 2' and slightly messy wave. I called in at the Hutt on the way to see if there was anything better there; maybe the banks were more suited for a high tide surf. They weren't, but besides, the number of anglers there [and at Chapel so we heard later] was off putting.

Was suited up and in just before 1pm, though to begin with the slight onshore was making it tricky getting positioned just right for take offs. As a result, the wave count ended up very poor. In fact the sum of the first half hour was only one worthwhile ride! As HT came and went though, conditions did slightly improve when the breeze dropped totally, leaving a smaller but glassy wave that was far easier getting into. I'd moved up the beach by this time and found a pleasant left peak to play with on my own. However, by 3ish the sets were fewer and far between, and I decided to call it a day. Time to get head into Penzance gear ready for tomorrow. Seems my next post here could be doubly significant; not only will it be the 100th 'blog' entry, but also may bring news of our long awaited move west. Fingers crossed please folks...