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Ended up in a rush to get off this morning, what with a stack of chores to get done and then a minor father-son difference of opinion. In stepped Suz banging heads together and packing us off to surf it out of us!

Everything pointed at Sandilands being the better option today and so we headed there. Knowing that there was little or no wind forecast, and also with yesterday's difference in swell size between there and Skeg', there wasn't really any choice. On arrival we were greeted with the sight of the golf club flag pointing inland though without any real force. Nervously, and dreading that this would be compounded by no swell worth speaking of as well, Ben and I climbed the rise out of the car park for our first glimpse of the sea. Happily there were still the remnants of swell and not too badly messed about now that Low Water had passed and the tide now in flood.

Paddling out was a little lumpier today, but nonetheless still easy, and almost immediately the first wave was caught by Ben. As his short and crisp ride came to an end, I was into my first of the day; albeit an even shorter and less smooth action. The duck had though been broken, and Sunday's mare had been laid to rest. Two more similar excursions soon followed, before I hooked a chunkier wave that had enough body to dig the rail in and turn along the face.

That was definitely more like it and set the tone for the remainder of our 2 hours or so in the water. This time we were matching each other's wave count; around 6-7 an hour, and making the most of conditions that were deteriorating as the tide pushed ever inwards. We both got out around 1.30 about mid tide, by which time it had really poo-ed out to barely a 1'+ and a lot messier. But we had definitely surfed out our earlier differences which can't be a bad thing, can it? :o)