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Made a late call to head over to the coast yesterday afternoon to try and find a rideable wave and make use of a shortlived swell.

Found Sandilands just after high tide messy and quite large, but with signs of the wind dropping which may clean it up some. Unfortunately this process may have taken some time so Ben, Suz and me decided to head to Skeg as it would already be more sheltered from the NW if likely to be smaller. It was and it was.

Even so Ben and I suited up and went in to try and make something of a clean, small and lacking any real power, wave. This was not helped by the sea bed config which allowed sets to approach with promise, but die at the optimum take off points in a deeper channel, before jacking up again at the waters edge! I struggled and had by far my worst session in a while. Not one wave! Ben snagged some, one in particular early on before the ebbing tide killed it all off.

Overall, not an ideal run up to our trip west later this week :o( May have another bash this morning before the swell dies off and try and recoup some confidence.