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The last 3 weeks have been quiet on the surf front thanks to a Lincs coast playing dead as far as waves are concerned over this time.

Happily though the van's fuel tank leak has been sorted though I must remember not to fill it up so far as I found out when tanking up today! Boris really doesn't 'do' a full to the filler neck brim fill up! Even so, he's ready for the next trip west which we intend to do over Friday night to miss the worst of the traffic.

We gave him a run out last Saturday which actually gave us a bit of a heart stopping moment when 13 miles into the drive we coasted to a halt. There was no problem re-starting but there was no idle tickover which made taking the foot off the throttle a big no-no. I managed to limp it the 100 yrds or so to the nearest petrol station and whack in 20 litres to see if it was a low fuel thing. It wasn't; so I abandoned the journey over to my parents figuring on nursing it back to my local mechanic to have a peep. Happily, concerns that we may not be able to use the van go to Cornwall a week later were unfounded as it transpired to be a vacuum pipe which had popped off one of the carbs, so feeding air not petrol to the engine.

With this relief we resumed our plan to nip over to Colsterworth, and then to my brothers in Grantham, and proceeded without further glitches. The thought of trying to cram all the gear and a dog into the Fiesta just didn't appeal! So it's now just a case of beginning the virtual countdown before we set off for hopefully 2 weeks of unbroken summer surf....well you can dream can't you? ;o)