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Now I can turn my mind fully to important matters in hand, after a couple of days workwise that didn't allow time for the details of the trip tonight to be planned.

There is swell forecast to build late tonight with the best window being tomorrow morning, although peaking on Sunday when the weather [read wind] could mess it up. What I didn't need first thing as I was surfacing was son to go into tunnel vision mode after looking at Magic Sea Weed and announcing that anything other than diverting to Gwithian en route would do! Now I'm all for thinking on the hoof and updating plans as you go, but this just wouldn't be worth it in this instant. An extra 120+ miles with the driving time and fuel and fatigue and the logistics involving a fully laden van, dog, provisions [both taken and bought/to be bought], getting booked in etc etc etc. I think not!

Besides, with plans to meet up with Parky likely to be made for when it's due to pick up again later next week, heading somewhere further west is more of an option again. Hopefully too, we'll be able to tie in bumping into Billy and his folks from the rugby club who are down in Hakey Land for the week. Anyway, this does now seem to be resolved and in no way should there be any need for feeling of resignation on anyone's part. T minus 10-11 hours and counting.