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Barring the mowing of the grass (extra crop to allow for 2 week absence) the chores and loose ends seem to be completed which means....I can now load up a cleaned out Boris and get in a more desirable mood.

A late call on Wednesday night scuppered any plans to do it yesterday, but then work can never be turned away..can it??

Either way, the prospect of a mellow if small longboard wave to greet our arrival tomorrow morning raises spirits. The only question remaining is if it picks up later in the day will the energy levels be deep enough? I reckon so though pangs of hunger and a wish for fish and chips from the Beach House will play its part no doubt.

As will how Jnr will be coping with the absence of his Significant Other. Hopefully he'll be driven on with the chance to surf himself out over the next fortnight to compensate, and consider everything before him in the coming weeks. Whether he realises this is down to him of course and maybe a Pirates win at Camborne on Sunday will add to the incentives.

May post later before departure though I reckon the post trip report may be the next offering.