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The countdown begins around now for our latest Cornish adventure. Just as well considering there haven't been any surfing opportunities this way since last I posted.

The boards are already in the van (well they live there as a rule anyway) but the main packing will be done during the day on Friday. Also considering whether to take Ben's minimal as a third board for a bit of fun.

Whatever happens, this is likely to be a notable trip insofar as it will no doubt be the last trip down in family mode now Jnr has reached the 18 milestone! There were plans for his squeeze, Emma, to come with us on this one, but she was unable to get time off work. Pity in many ways because it would have been a good chance to intro her to the lifestyle possibilities in Kernow, and who knows what from thereon. Hey ho that'll have to wait now for the time being; perhaps come half term in October? Whatever transpires however it will be Jnr's decision come the time we at last head west ourselves as to what he will do long and short term. Watch this space