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Not for the first time in recent years a lack of surfing opportunity leads to the neglect of this blog and gives the impression that I have given up on my surfing and my dreams. Well I'm here to tell you the reader, here and now, that both couldn't be further from the truth!

OK, so yesterday was the first time that I'd donned a wetsuit since mid September and enjoyed an hour and a half of 2-3' clean Sandilands juice. True it was also the first time since I can't remember when that the ancient Snugg 4-3 has seen action in some winter waves. And yes you will have heard it all before about New Years Resolution about getting wet more often once more. But....

This will be the case as 2009 develops because otherwise surfing could become just a distant (pleasant) memory and that mustn't happen. I know I have other interests mainly of the rugby variety; namely the Pirates and watching Ben's progress at senior level now that I have officially 'retired' from playing; and yet it is the riding of that board that spurs on our greater dreams of moving west. Remove the former and the latter will crumble to nothing too, and we've had enough diappointment and frustration on that score!

Credit Crunch or property market collapse or no, we simply have to take a gamble if necessary and finish off what we started all those years ago. Those niggly little bits to finish off the renovation have to have the pennies found and done! Mum and Dad's bungalow has to be sold after 8 months without as much as a viewing! And then we have to get shot of our own house for what will seem a steal if necessary. Otherwise I dread to contemplate what could transpire...

...makes sense to go for a surf every now and them to calm those nerves and re-assure. Yesterday went a long way to doing that as well as clearing out the cobwebs and shaking off 3 bouts of illness in the last two months once and for all. I wonder if there is/was a connection??