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Could this be it? Could Suz and me finally be on our way to Kernow? I think we can be excused for thinking so after a quite extraordinary month.

The day after I last posted here, our property was officially launched onto the market for what for us felt like a potentially fruitless latest attempt. Within 45 minutes of the sign being erected, the estate agent had already been in contact for a first viewing that evening!

A pleasant surprise for sure, but no expectations were being raised given all the baggage in the past in this department. Well, we couldn't have been further from the truth after a highly encouraging half hour plus visit from a heavily pregnant lady who enthused from the moment she crossed the threshold. A second viewing with hubby was muted and subsequently arranged for the Sunday (30th).

Though promising and with the knowledge that there was a property to sell first, it didn't surprise us that things went quiet. That would surely be that.

For a fortnight this was the case until the second weekend in September hove into view. On the 11th a recently divorced young lady viewed along with her father and although we suspected that nothing would come of it, it had been a positive encounter.

The following morning, a young and very charming couple from the neighbouring village came who were looking to take a step up the ladder. They proved equally keen though as with the first couple had to sell first. Even so, they had all the credentials of being just the couple to take on the reins as it were ;o) News soon followed that they had dropped the price of their own house to try and spark a sale.

Two days later and there came what transpired to be a significant visit, albeit one which ultimately gave us too many unanswered questions, we were relieved not to have to ask in the first place. All very odd and after discussions with our solicitor proving to be wise to steer clear of! Either way, the interest and eventual offer did encourage further.

The day after witnessed the least positive viewing, though the curtains were nice and an offer to do the interior of wherever the punter ended up was suggested. Cheeky sod!

The best was still to come when an RAF serviceman and his wife came all the way down from Kinloss. It was clear they had fallen for the place and even made an impromptu visit less than 24 hours later for a second check before heading back north.

The rest as they is history..or should be if there are no hitches. This after a mini bidding war where the best people won, and a couple of days of worry and concern over details regarding some of our improvements; all of which have been resolved and proved that they needn't have been worried about in the first place!!

Now we must wait..oh.. and head down to Cornwall on Friday for two weeks of surf, rugby and a spot of house hunting :o) I won't tempt fate further..