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It's not often that I could come back from Cornwall having had six consectutive days of good swell, offshore breezes, lovely autumnal weather and a major dolphin experience and yet with my mind occupied by other more exciting things. This then is the exception!

We haven't afawk tempted fate yet, but it looks as if we may have cracked it on the moving west front. Having spread the net wide to begin with and armed with a trimmed down shortlist of 25 properties to go at; we ended up viewing an interesting 'looker' on the third day and knew beyond reasonable doubt that this would push all the buttons needed.

The search continued after, sensibly.... for about an hour or so! Whereupon after another drive by in St Day we decided to cancel a couple of appointments the following day in Snozzle and focus on this one just south of Camborne; in Troon.

A second viewing last Monday was enough to convince us to gfi and so we did after leaving the agent to wonder until mid afternoon. A short haggle got the price down to 3.5k below asking and the process was begun!

Still some hurdles to get over no doubt but after dealing with solititors queries and surviving interrogation by our intended lender; confidence is high.

Oh and those dolphins in the bolder pod closer in at Gwithian certainly showed everyone how it was done in the waves!