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For those that may not be aware, Suz and me have finally cracked it and have now got ourselves moved west. In the end the deed was done in a rush over the 25th-26th November when our buyers had a fit of the vapours quite un-necessarily, threatening to pull the plug if we didn't complete on the Wednesday. As it was we managed a bug free move courtesy of Affordable Removals of Lincoln and, having made preparations in case of a wait before we could move in at the other end; completed on the Thursday anyway. Our buyers waited outside our former home till nearly dark on the Wednesday having arrived around midday as we pulled out. Karma?

What this now means is, we now have a plethora of surfing opportunities virtually on our doorstep here in Troon; just south of Camborne. Which is where I kick in now with possibly the most satisfying sub 30 minute session I can recall, to announce my 'arrival'.

Three weeks ago I'd aborted a first dip as a 'local' at Porthtowan on the 11th. In all honesty I bottled it as it looked a bit too big for a first surf in over two months; let alone at a new break with less peaks than I am used to. Wisely I returned the following day and did get in, albeit for barely an hour and no waves to show for it. true it'd been smaller but still clean. But in all honesty I wasn't feeling up to it with what turned into a cold a couple of days later.

Hence my delight at the dusk session I've just enjoyed at Gwithian. We'd arrived around 3pm just to walk the hound to find a very do-able solid 3' and clean wave nearing high tide. A quick dash back to drop off hound and pick up the gear was executed and I was suited and in just after 4. Thirty minutes later and 3 very satisfying rides later and I paddled back in in the gloom with a grin that must have rivalled the lighthouse across at Godrevy. Stoked or what?