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Having missed out yesterday on meeting up with Gavin at a certain spot near to PZ that rarely works, I received another text this morning saying it was still working today; could I get?

Well it'd have been rude not to and, having sussed it out yesterday anyway, a quick light lunch was had before scraping off the layers of ice off Boris's windscreen.

We hooked up at said spot a little after 1.15 and still half an hour till low tide, but decided to have a quick peep at Perrananthoe to see if it was any better. To be truthful it wasn't and besides the original option though smaller, was a lot cleaner and doesn't get that crowded.

Shortly after 2 and we were in with only 4 or 5 others already enjoying a very longboardable wave. The weather was fine if cold and there was little if any easterly breeze fanning the waves.

In my rush I'd left the single fin setting at the front of the box, but given what actually occurred I'd have probably been wiser to move it back (and probably add the side fins) such was the difficulty in generating enough speed to catch the things. In the hour quarter-half I was in my wave count was very low, but I took heart from the fact that Gav was finding similar probs in snagging them. Though he certainly caught more than my measly 2-3.

Lessons learned though and despite this I am feeling the confidence slowly returning as I get (re)used to surfing in winter, let alone to having all these options on my doorstep for the first time ever. Wait till summer eh?? Or this Friday/Saturday when more swell is forecast for the south coast.