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Ooops. 48 hours after the event but I can at least plead mitigating circumstances.

I did ultimately head to Praa on Saturday afternoon with Suz and the hound; this time in plenty of time before dark!

On arrival we found a clean wave for sure with plenty of plumes of spray coming off the tops, although it did look a bit closey. Low tide here can often produce this effect by all accounts and from the vantage of the car park, some deeper channels closer in were no doubt contributing.

I was suited up and in by 3.30 leaving Sue to give the hound his bound on the beach. The paddle out though was tricky for me with those deep spots slowing my own progress, but I eventually popped out out back and the session began properly once I'd sussed where I needed to be.

And so for an hour or so I played around with some 'easy' take-offs and banzai but short rides before the inevitable closeout. Some of this 'ease' may have come from adding to the two outer fins, left off recently. It may have been the added confidence that has grown. Either way when I rode one in and watched the sunset to another pleasant winters afternoon; the feeling at having 'arrived' at last was as strong as ever.

Cooking jankers, some celebratory wine on Saturday evening and then Pirates rugby on the Sunday with the obvious distractions that can bring; all then conspired to this delayed update. Hopefully the judgement will be lenient? ;o)