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There I was yesterday afternoon around 3.30 minding my own business when in comes a text from Gav the equivalent of a maritime maroon being launched.

I'd been keeping an eye on Magic Seaweed for the north n south coasts and the signs were promising not only for the (then) present, but for several days to come. The wind locally though had deterred me from venturing Gwith-wards and, with the time getting on, had as good as written off any chance.

All that changed and hurriedly I threw what I needed together and fired up Boris. Fuel was low but it simply had to be enough to get me there as there was no time even for a splash n dash; not if I wanted to get in with at least some daylight.

Thus it was a little after 4.30 as I paddled out into a very tempting 2-3' at the same spot as before; not quite sure which dot in the lineup siloutted against the horizon was Gav. TBH I didn't care as I just wanted to get into the first wave asap!

And that wasn't too long either making the rush and effort all worth it in an instant.

Self and Gav eventually hooked up to share notes. I hadn't had time to whip on the two outrigger fins as I'd intended after the last visit, so I'd experimented with positioning on the board a little further forward than normal. This did the trick.

It was as good as dark by the time we caught one in although there was still one other out even then. By then the lights from the nearest habitation were twinkling prettily to the west. And one smug and satisfied new local got changed and planned that needed fuelstop.

More today I wonder? Praa may have a small clean wave. Gwith may be bigger but have the edge taken off by that light NE'erly. Tell ya later!