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Having opted not to have a look at Gwithian yesterday, I just couldn't resist this morning with a light SE and some swell still showing. Lobbed in the still wet from Monday togs into Boris and headed towards the National Trust car park at Godrevy around 10.30.

On arrival, there was a clean 2-3' wave to play with although I did wonder if it may drop off some as the tide flooded (it did). Haste was of the essence and within 15 minutes I was paddling out to the lineup.

Not for the first time it took me a long while to get dialled in; in excess of 30 mins if my time check was correct. But with the usual persistence I eventually snagged my first wave; a scruffily taken right, with the ride ending so soon after!But it was at least a ride and a few more followed before getting out after around 2 hours in.

It is clear though that my equipment isn't helping matters and the day I can leave off the gloves and hood can't come soon enough. A decent winter suit wouldn't be amiss, so doing away with the added restrictiveness of the chillcheater under my only available 3-2 wettie. Oh and to feel bare feet on the deck again and that extra 'feel'.

However, with the recent regular access (4 sessions in 8 days for a starter!); come the warmer water I should be a lot fitter surfwise than I have for a couple of years; if not ever! Roll on!