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Missed out on last weekends' swell..or was it the week before? Time seems to flow differently down here ;o)

Did though manage to get in at a near perfect looking Pete's yesterday around 4pm for an hour or so with Gav. Wasn't the greatest session personally as this dip in form continues which is now starting to bug. The early trashing by a larger set didn't help; setting me up as it did for a difficult spell inside where I must have mimmicked a floundering emmett.

But as ever I was damned if I was going to be beaten without a fight and I did manage to get back out into a decent spot. Didn't catch anything successfully and was forced back closer in by another larger set and then cramp. Settled and cramp free I paddled back out to a developing left which at least meant I could get in with some kind of pride intact.

Now determined to get back up to speed properly and soonest!!