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Two sessions to report since last post.

With a light WNW breeze dropping off as Saturday afternoon drew to a close, I made the snap decision to head over to Gwithian to try and work on the confidence thing from Thursday. I'd been there in the morning on the ebb to walk the hound and seen a usable 2-3' wave if a bit choppy and a similar scene greeted me.

No great shakes, but in fading light I did emerge from the sea a lot more happier after a couple of pleasing rides and some strong paddling.

Something that was to be essential last evening on that south coast spot again following Gav's raising of the 'balloon'. I must admit to being a bit hesitant when I got there to find a solid 4-5' swell that was easily bigger than I'd been in for ages. By the time Gav arrived a few mins later I'd at least decided on the best route out but I did wonder if it would all end in tears; given last Thursdays efforts.

I needn't have worried as the channel I'd seen made it a lot easier than it looked. The swell was as big as it looked and some of the sets made that look small too. But I coped well and avoided all the potential nailings that were a given only days before.

The number of rides was always going to be in the quality section and so it was to be; as selection was going to be crucial. Gav managed only a couple before I finally hooked in properly to one to head back in, such was the need to watch the horizon keenly. But even the reform I picked to complete the journey back to the beach made it easily the most satisfying surf for ages.

The belief is on it's way back!