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Quite a fortnight when you think about it.

The Assessment at the NSS went OK but I knew deep down that one or two others there were more suited to the nature of the role(s) on offer. That I haven't heard anymore hasn't come as a surprise.

Two days later I went for another interview at West Country Fruit nr to Falmouth. This meant having to turn down some 6 weeks worth of work for a builder in Camborne, on a project over at Coverack. It was a gamble and, at the time also a bit of a disappointment, as there had seemed a bit of potential with this had it gone ahead on schedule the previous Friday. The interview went well; or so it seemed. Though again, nothing has been heard to date.

Then the day before the Wards were due to arrive for the Pirates-Welsh game, I rang up about a job at a net manufacturer and was offered an interview the following morning (Friday 12th). This meeting too went well and, with the weekend approaching, thought nothing more about it.

Driving down to the station to pick Jen up around 4.30pm came a call that Suz fielded. At the end of it I was informed that I was to start work on Monday morning for Henry Cowls nr Helston.

So it's back to the world of 'proper job' and my first week has been completed with no problem.

To 'celebrate' I even managed to get in quite by chance at Gwithian yesterday, before the wind swung NW. I hadn't planned to go in, but having used the van to pick up some carpet for the stairs and then headed to G with the intention of giving the hound his bound; it all proved a bit too tempting.

The ebbing tide and light wind was still conducive to a clean 2-3' and with the gear in the back; it would have been rude not to have suited up and gone in for the first time since Parky was down.

I began well but lost my way somewhat as it started to chop up some. In truth I'm still not finding any consistency and I'm reluctant to just blame the inadequate equipment. It is fundamentally down to me, both in the head and fitness wise. Although the latter isn't too bad all told, barring a bit of fumbling on the pop up. Something that could be pointed at the restrictions of my gear.

But the session ended better as the breeze dropped right off and the waves tidied up right at low tide. I grabbed a couple of confidence boosters before deciding to quit while ahead.

Now tell me that if this is a 'Life is Good' period, couldn't it also not get better as well? I think it will.