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I had wondered whether Satdee may produce a good enough wave on the south coast, and a lunchtime text from Gav confirmed this suspicion.

A quick decision was made and after bundling Suz into the van to offset a potential afternoon nap on her part; off we set.

En route I'd resigned myself to the possibility that my phone; and hence further comms with Gav; had been left at home. But, having found a suitable parking spot, Suz queried the strange, music like row coming from somewhere within all the kit in the back. The source, turned out to be said phone and, to cut a long story short, I discovered that I was now required to do some match write ups for the Cornish Pirates.

The waves meanwhile were looking quite tasty with the breeze now firmly in the NE, and I was pretty sure GR was out there as his lately discovered more recent text suggested.

My entry into the sea was delayed further however by the passing of a steam train headed towards PZ which was a pleasant interlude. After which the relatively straightforward paddle out was made without incident.

Still stunned by the Piratical news, it took me a while to find my ideal place in the pecking order. An hour or so later as I rode another one in; any frustrations surfing wise had been sated by some sweet rights; one in particular that I simply have to rate as the best wave I've nailed since making the move west.

Throw in a nailbiting Pirates win yesterday and it's fair to say that all feels well with the world right now.